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CSTN Network
Customized Systems & Telecom Networking
VoIP Termination & SIP Trunks

CSTN Networks provides direct contracts with international incumbent telecommunications operations across the globe. Our primary business includes the implementation of IP PBX, solutions for VOIP services and providing P2P network connectivity.


SIP Trunking enables you to run numerous communication applications, including voice calls, over your IP network or broadband line. By using a business SIP trunk to combine voice and data, you can drop your analogue ISDN and save more than 60% on connectivity charges. Using CSTN Networks as your SIP provider also offers these great benefits:


Higher Call Quality & Prioritizing

We offer high levels of voice quality and we’ll priorities your calls over other data in shared connections


Our SIP trunks are fully compatible with, and rigorously tested and approved by most of the leading SIP-enabled telephone systems manufacturers


Any number, anywhere. With a SIP trunk provider you can move existing or have new numbers outside of your local exchange area


Continuity Options

By routing your VoIP calls over your existing IP network, you save money on costly call-forwarding fees


Protection & Reliability

Scalable on a per-channel basis, with built-in disaster recovery




We offer termination services for Call Canters  and Domestic Operators at very aggressive rates to over 100 countries


Combined with IP PBX our SIP trunking solutions offer superior Remote Office solutions. IP PBX provide seamless communications between sites. Enjoy the benefits of extension to extension calls via your data network, extending your available resources across your multiple locations.


solution for yor your legacy sites

If your business already runs on a legacy PBX, then do your business a favour! IP PBX can be easily deployed as a overlay on your existing setup for increased efficiency and capacity. A sample deployment with your existing PBX


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