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            Bassam Philippe


• Building Information Management (BIM Controls)

• Excellent experience in mobilization in remote areas (over 17 years of experience in 15 countries in Africa with Consolidated Contractors Company - CCC)

• Reliable experience to deliver Communication, Telephony, SIP trunks and interconnectivity to remote areas within Africa where telecommunication facilities are limited or do not exist at all.

• Systems integration – over 18 years of experience.

• IT estimation and cost analysis for each starting project.

• Designing and implementing the IT Plan for each starting project. This includes complete design of the network infrastructure, detailed budget analysis, resources, manpower, deliverables & applications.

• Managing project resources and manpower, including performance, work quality, distribution and scheduling. In addition: Assigning resources to new projects in different locations.

• Information Systems and Automation Management (over 22 years of experience)

• Communication\Network Infrastructure: LAN, WAN, VPN & integration with VoIP (Voice over IP)

• Configuring operating systems, Security, configuring cisco routers, switches, backup and anti-virus servers.

• Cost control and budget monitoring (Implementation, training, and follow up). This includes developing utilities to extract actual cost from partners\JV systems if required.



IT Manager – Africa Area Jan.1998- Dec.2017

• Responsible of all Automation and I.T. related activities in Africa and The Caribbean Projects of CCC (www.ccc.net).

• After detailed\intensive study and analysis, we prepare the budget and IT plan which includes, Material Take Off, design of the IT infrastructure, and project deliverables.

• Travel as requested to CCC (www.ccc.me) remote sites to implement networking, telecommunication and automation processes (where telecomm facilities are limited or do not exisit at all) in order  to meet the project requirements.


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About us
WelcomeOn-Premise IP PBXHosted IP PBXVoIP Termination & SIP TrunksMobilization In Remote AreasContact Us