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Networking and Telecommunication:

Study and analyze the project\office size and needs to design and build reliable network solutions.

Advanced Network Solution (Domain Network): Design the infrastructure and build the domain servers. Study and implement the security systems on the network to give each user his/her corresponding rights on the domain. This includes file and printers sharing, installation of software and applications, Exchange/Email server to serve the communication needs of the project, backup server, and Antivirus server to protect the project data.

Communication and Telephony (VoIP and SIP Trunks): Installing and running as needed the following hardware and applications to facilitate the project communication needs:

Exchange server, for email and file transfer between sites, main offices, your clients and the outer world.

Proxy server, for Internet distribution to communicate with the outer world.

Firewall Cisco ASA or Linux server, to insure proper security on your private network.

Radios on sites for proper telecommunications.

PABX and IP Based PBX for Telephony and interconnection among the projects in differentlocations and different countries.

VSAT link. A satellite link to main offices. Usually we use this setup in remote areas in Africa where basic communication facilities can not be provided by the country.

Backup and Anti-Virus Policies: Design a backup solution for the project, to insure reliability and avoid data loss. Build Anti-Virus server to protect the project's data from various types of viruses, this includes daily updates and monitoring.

Hardware and Software Support: Support and fix various types of peripherals (computers, printers, laptops...etc) also troubleshoot various types of third party software and applications.

Sample Design

Site Office LAN Configuration

The Network Operating System platform is Window. Sufficient virtual servers (Windows 2012 Servers) and Windows 10 workstation clients will be mobilized and configured to suit the anticipated user population.


The offices will be outfitted with UTP CAT 6 Network structured cabling. Each outlet will utilize a UTP connection leading to a HP\CISCO switch onto a Backbone Core Switch. All servers will be connected to the backbone switch via Fast Ethernet CAT 6. Refer to the figure shown below for the LAN arrangement.





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